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Welcome to your child’s school library! I look forward to an exciting year of media instruction with your child while encouraging their lifelong passion for books and reading.

            -Mrs. Scott






What the research says about school libraries:

*Reading test scores in elementary schools are likely to rise as students spend more time in the library.
-Minnesota Dept. of Education 2005
*In research done in 9 states and over 3,300 schools since school libraries and school library media programs make a difference. Library media programs make a difference in academic achievement. 
-Bouchard, David. 2003
*More students earned proficient or advanced reading scores, and fewer students earned unsatisfactory scores where there was a full-time endorsed librarian.
Here are several Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will my child do in the Library? 

A: All students visit the library with their class each week. During their Library visit your child will learn library/media skills, hear fun and interesting stories, and be able to check books, while we help to encourage and feed their love of reading.

Q: What is our Library's 

policy regarding checkout? 

A: Kindergarten and First-grade students can check out 1 book at a time. 2nd-6th graders may check out up to 2 books. Our library is also open for 15 minutes before or after school for open checkout if your child wants to check out a new book before their next weekly visit. Open checkout hours will be posted. Books are checked out for one week at a time. Books may be renewed, however they must be brought in when due to do so.

Q: Does the Library charge

fines for overdue materials?

A: No fines are charged for over­ books. However, a replacement fee will be charged for any books lost or damaged beyond repair. Please remind your child to use the book bag provided 

Q: If my child forgets his/her 

library books, will he/she still be able to check out a book? 

A: Your child will not be able to check out another library book until the late or missing book is returned or the replacement fee is paid There will be open library times throughout the week when students will be able to return/check out new books.
Q: My child received an overdue notice and I know he/she returned their materials. What do I do? 
A: Please contact me.

It’s possible, a notice was sent before the book was returned. I’m happy to work with you.

Q: Is my child able to access any of the Library resources from home?

A: Corona Creek & Meadow has an excellent *Student Resource* webpage that provides your child home access to many of the websites they visit while at school. You can click on one of the *School Library Search* When your child is signed in, they will able to search our catalog place holds on books, and see their account standing

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It's time for the 2024 Gateway Reading Council's Sonoma County Young Writers' Awards Program. If your child likes to write short stories or poetry, please encourage them to enter their creative work. Written works may be in different formats, including picture books, poetry, editorials, essays, short stories, or plays, but must be ORIGINAL. Dictated language stories are also welcome. Authors are encouraged to write in their native language. 

One lower-grade and one upper-grade student from our school will be invited. Along with their families, to be recognized at the Gateway Young Writers' Awards Ceremony on May 8, 2024.  All winning selections will be included in the 2024 Gateway Young Writers' Anthology, and all winning young authors will receive copies. Entries in the Anthology will be limited to two typed pages. If the winning story is longer than two pages, you will be asked to submit an excerpt from the story which is two pages or less. Please be sure that all submissions are in ink or typed. No pencil, please.

All submissions must be the student's original work. Please submit the final drafts to your school library or email submissions to [email protected] with the subject line: Gateway Submission, by 2 pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. Please be sure to include the following information: Student's Name: Student's Teacher: Grade Level:


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